TCPT’s berth facilities meet every need:
TPCT has linear berths totaling 1,377m. TPCT terminal is equipped with 13 gantry cranes and is supported by a container yard 111 hectares in size, total annual throughput will reach over 2.3 million TEU.
With a draft up to 16m, TPCT can handle vessels up to 14, 000 TEUs in capacity. The gantry cranes are capable of handling 20’ft twin-lift, as well as have a water-side outreach of 22 containers for the next generation of Ultra-Large Container Ships. The twin-lift capacity further enhances the terminal’s productivity and reduces the amount of time vessels spend in port.

Dockage and Mooring/Unmooring Services

Water Supply


Area 111 hectares
Currently berthing length 1,377m
Berth4 berths
Design Capacity2.3 m TEU
Gantry Crane13
Out-reach22 rows
Capacity (GC)65T
Container handling20’ to 45’ in single,
20’ twin-lift
GPH (avg.)35 box/ per GC/ per hour
Automated Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes40
Gate In gate : 9 lanes
Out gate : 7 lanes
Gate in and out (avg.)10 minutes/ per truck